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.. i WaS pReY iN yOuR BeD aNd DeVoUrEd CoMpLeTeLy [entries|friends|calendar]
h E a T h A a

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[29 Aug 2004|01:37pm]

Hey Peoples. I wanted to do a foto-book becuz i bit thru my tongue today and i thought it would be funny.. so here goes


f0t0-b00kCollapse )


[29 Aug 2004|10:46am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Today I woke up. Straightened my hair and went out to breakfast. It was pretty damn good. Last night i found out that one of my '' friends '' isnt really my friend. So let'z see.. uh FUCK HER. [ Not neigh ] But yeah. So then after Breakfast I came home. I'm about to re-do my journal. Last Night when john and Natz were here, they took pics of me. Making funny faces. So uhh look



. f u n n y - p i c t u r e s z .Collapse )


[28 Aug 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

Today I woke up. Chilled for a while, then went out to the mall with natalie and john to the mall. It was so fun. Me and Natalie tried on clothes for John, he had like instant orgasms.l0l. But i really don't want to be with him. He is wayy too much like Hector. I don't want another Hector. I decided I'm either goin to go out with Chris, or Chauncey.. I don't fucking know how to spell his name. Well yeah. We had fun trying on homecoming dresses, and I got the cutest fucking shirt from Hollister. It was on sale for 22.50. But anyways. Marneigh is all mad at me, because me and karissa did her journal in the PUERTO RICAN way. It was a fuckinq joke and marneigh got all mad. Oh fucking well. Then J redid it for her, all uglieish so I redid it for her prettyish. J is an asshole. He said for me to go stick a dick in my butt. Ew. Thats not me sweetie. But anyways, I miss alexis. I want to spend soo much more time with her. I also miss Hector. Believe it or not. I don't wanna be with him or anything. I just miss being soo close with him and chillen with him so much. But I'll live. Shiit.. Nicki like ignored all my plans and went and did something with her other friends. So uh, yeah hope she doesn't wanna hang out with me in school. iM dEf NoT taLkIn To hEr. But hey i'm out.


[28 Aug 2004|06:32pm]


pReTtY PiCzCollapse )


[28 Aug 2004|11:51am]
c H e3 k Sz: 0MG.. i L0VE Y0U!
blink182lover017: lol love you too
c H e3 k Sz: wow.. i love this song.
blink182lover017: lolol me toooooooooooo
c H e3 k Sz: yeah, but im qoin thru this shit.
c H e3 k Sz: ur not./
c H e3 k Sz: so BLAH
blink182lover017: what?
c H e3 k Sz: im qoin thru this shit about beinq left
c H e3 k Sz: ur not.
c H e3 k Sz: so uh BLAHHH
blink182lover017: ohh ok
c H e3 k Sz: i l0VE Y0U !!
blink182lover017: lol
blink182lover017: you're insane
c H e3 k Sz: aaNdDD?
c H e3 k Sz: heyy lusssh have funnnn
c H e3 k Sz: ittss thhee weekkkennddd
blink182lover017: forget me it's that simple

[28 Aug 2004|11:23am]
Just think of this and me
as just a few of many things
to lie around
to clutter up your shelves
And I wish you weren't worth the wait
because there's some thing's
I'd like to say to you...

I don't think that
you know what
you've been missing

Cuz I don't think that
you know what
you've been missing

I dare you to forget
those marks you left
across my neck
from those nights when we were both
found at our best
I could make this obvious,
and you, you could deny me
all in one breath
you could shrug me off
your shoulders...

I don't think that
you know what
you've been missing
Cuz I don't think that
you know what
you've been missing

Hey, lush, have fun
It's the weekend
Hey, lush, have fun

Hey, lush, have fun
It's the weekend
Hey, lush, have fun

I don't think that
you know what
you've been missing

I don't think that
you know what
you've been missing

Just forget me
it's that simple
Just forget me
it's that simple


[27 Aug 2004|07:03pm]

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i DaRe YoU tO fOrgEt ThOsE mArKs YoU LeFt UpOn My NeCk [27 Aug 2004|06:45pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Hey.. Today I woke up.. Took a shower..and went to school. It sucked because we had to finish doing our dance routines and Nicki and Stephanie got in a big fight. I thought they were gunna throw down. But of course, I would have broken it up because I wouldn't want to get suspended because if Stephanie hurt Nicki, I would jump in. But i'm supposed to be a good gurl this year =] But yeah.. My uncle and I got in a fight today.. So i didn't get to hang out with Nicki tonight. I was so mad. But oh-well. Then I called Hector, and something's wrong with him and he won't tell me what.. so i got off the phone. Last night Hector and I got in a big fight too because he is soo controlling and he says I talk about the past too much. And it makes him mad. Oh fucking well. I was on the phone with him, when this kid John called.. So i put my away message on..and Hector got all pissed and said " You don't put nobody above me " And blocked me. Fuck him. He's not my man. I'm not his girl, Im fucking single. Why should I put Hector above guys that actually live here and actually give a shit ? Well yeah.. Today we had tests in most of our classes.. and i think i failed them. LOL Nicki and I were talking too much in World Geography, So i had to fuckin move. THANKSZ! Okay well anyways. Today I fell in love with this yellowcard song and a taking back sunday song. That needs to stop. LiZA- i'M N0T TURNiNG FUCKiNG EM0. lMA0.. Just wanted to clear that up. I still like :o/ rap. But anywho, I'm not in a very great mood.. and I want to talk to Hector really badly. But yeah.. He'll be online later. x0x


LuHv YaSz

- Hh Ee Aa Tt Hh Ee Rr -


[27 Aug 2004|02:19pm]

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[26 Aug 2004|02:41pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Today I woke up really early, but it was okay because I had a lot of time to get ready and I didn't have to rush like usual. I went to school today and Erica and I signed up for Spirit club, and so is Nicki and Janelle. I hope, they said they would but I don't know, Tonight we have like a parents' night at school. I don't wanna just go with my aunt and uncle, so I think I might go pick up Nikki, so she can go with me. I don't know yet. Well yeah today was a pretty good today. I ate lunch with Janelle, and John came over and sat with us. And Um Janelle told me he isnt the guy to go mess with and stuff. So I basically want to stay away because I don't want to ever end up hurt Like I did with Hector. And I want something serious now. I don't want all these little fake ass relationships. So I am going to stay away from him, unless he is persistant and shows that he wants to talk to me. But I don't know. I think I am going to go and just stick to a white boy. But anyways today in Dance we made up Dance routines. It was so fun. We have to dance in front of everyone tomorrow. I can't wait. Ours is soo cute. Today in my 2nd hour...World Geography I was teaching Nicki and Janelle " Florida Talk " I hope we start trends with it. We kept saying " OH MY GOD, SHUT UP " Like the princess diaries.. or w/e it was so fun because we annoyed the shit outta people. But yeah I guess today Was okay. I had pictures with me and John.. I deleted them. I don't think I should even mess with him. I don't know. hOllEr At Me pLaYeRsZ

- hEaThA -


[26 Aug 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | drained ]

m0re ` PiCkTuReSz *Collapse )


[25 Aug 2004|05:08pm]
Okay. Well today I babysat for like an hour. I watched Alexis, I hadn't seen her in SO long. OMG I love her so much. She is growing up to be soo big. But yeah We took picz.. but I really don't feel like putting them on here. But yeah I`m out. I`ll prolli put some on here later. i <3 j0sh, we have a kid t0qether.

[25 Aug 2004|03:07pm]

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[25 Aug 2004|03:02pm]

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[25 Aug 2004|03:00pm]

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[25 Aug 2004|02:57pm]

You Know You're From Florida When...

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You know someone who's been struck by lightning

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[25 Aug 2004|02:41pm]

PiCtUrE TiMe*Collapse )


[25 Aug 2004|02:39pm]
WhOsEyZtHaT: yo you mad pretti son
c H e3 k Sz: lMA0
c H e3 k Sz: 0MG i l0VE Y0U
WhOsEyZtHaT: Haaaaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
c H e3 k Sz: K tHAtS Y0UR fRiENd
WhOsEyZtHaT: and shes mad fake son
WhOsEyZtHaT: ok im done

i HAtE ChRiStiNE

i l0VE ShACAR0l

[25 Aug 2004|02:13pm]
hella7062: well ur black
c H e3 k Sz: damn, somebody finally realizes the truth
hella7062: ive always known



->> bRiDe Of ChUcKiE [25 Aug 2004|01:09pm]

Okay Today started OFF really bad. I woke up REALLY late..so I had to rush to do everything. I was so fuckin pissed. Then I was late to my first hour, right when I walked in, he goes " Does everyone now understand the review ? " and I sat down and he goes " Pop Quiz " I was going to fucking cry. But i got a 17 outta 18, so that made me a little happier. Then 2nd period was alotta fun. Me + Kelsey and Janelle were all cracking jokes on the teacher. She is soo old and she has freakin hearing aids and she talks about shit we DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT. <b> NIKKI WASN'T HERE TODAY </b> It sucked cuz she makes things soo much funnier. So it sucked because usually Nikki and I walk together to Dance class, and she wasn't here so I walked with Janelle Instead. And Nikkiz my dance partner, so I danced with Natalie instead. It was fun still. This girl kept cracking jokes on me, and i was trying to act gangsturr the whole time. I kept saying " Step up off me " and " Jump off son " and I was like " yo u madd pretty son " LMAO! Everyone was laughin their asses off. 4th period was okay. Me and Carlos kept hittin each other and pushing each other off the stage.. it got annoying after a while. I had to act in front of everyone because I said I'm willing to take risks. It sucked. People told me I did well. 5th Period- The homework I worked so hard on, was in my locker..so I got an 'F' but oh fuckin well. Went to lunch and


I met a kid named John today. He is somebody that I actually look forward to talking to. He is puerto rican and mexican, I try to ignore that. l0l He isz soo fuckinq fine. My friend told him I thought he was cute, and he said i look good too. I was soo fuckin embarrassed and happy at the same time. He sat with us at lunch and kept puttin his hand on my back.. Aww he is so cute. I think we're destined. We are def. gunna go out. OMG even tho he kept telling me that he doesn't know if he wants a girlfriend, but he likes me from what he knows of me so far. I WAS SO HAPPY. HE IS SO FYNE. I`LL TAKE PICTURES TOMORROW.


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