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Hey. OmG !! tOdAy WaSs sO fUcKiN fUn. mE + eRiKa WeNt To ThE bOn`FiRe LaSt NiGhT nD iT wAs KiNd Of BoRiNq. BuT tHiS fOoTbAll qAmE wAs So FuN!! SoMe cHiCkSz aRe fUcKiNq WiTh eRiKa.. sOo sOmE sHiiT wEnT dOwN. No dEtAiLz iN hErE. cAll If YoO waNnUh HeAr AbOuT iT! aNyWhOo.. i LiKe dOnZeL oR w/e HoW yOu SpEll HiS nAmE. hE mAkEs Me FeEl SoO mUcH bEtTeR aBoUt MySeLf!! i HaVeNt HaD sOmEbOdY LiKe ThAt SiNcE.. uGh hEcToR. bY tHe WaY.. i TaLkEd To HiM.. We`Re OKAY nOwW.. nUtHiN mOrE tHaN fRiEnDz ! WoW.. i LoVe iT hErE. i MiSs fRiEnDz aNd ShiT iN fLoRiDaHh.. bUt i`M sOrRy.. i qOtTa qiVe It UhPp To KaNsAs. Ya`LL wOuLd LoVe iT hErE, iTz JuSt So DiFfErEnT.. i DnNo. bUt YeAh. i`MmA bE sWiTcHiN uP tO xAnGa PrEtTy SoOn. tHiS iS sOo BoRiNq CoMpArEd To ThErE. yOu qEt LiKe MuSiC aNd sHiT oN yOuR pAgE. iTz jUsT pLaIn ThUgG ! LoOk At ErIkAz : http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=x_twiztidshortie_x 

AnYwAySz.. i HoPe Me + dOnZeL aCtUaLLy HaVe SoMetHiNq qOiN.. fOr Us <3

wEll YeAhH... eRiKa iS dEf. mY bEsTeSt fRiEnD + CuZiN .. i <3 hErR sOo MuCh ! i FoUnD oUt WhO tHe SlUtS aRe, tHe 2 fAcEd PpLz nD tHe PpLz i HaTe.. tHeReSz qUiTE aLoT.. HeatHeR iSnT qOiNq To TaLk To ThEm ThOo.. sHeSz dRaMa`fReE tHiS yEaRr !! NoO bUllShItT! HeatHeR iS nOt qEtTiNq iN tRoUbLe aT aLL !! yAy!!

i`M sOo HapPy. i LiKe DoNzeL ! <3


BuH bYeSz <3

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