h E a T h A a (xhat3dwunnx) wrote,
h E a T h A a

iiM uPp eArLiiE fOr ScHoOl Nd UhMm iM bOrEd. i HavE lIkE 10 mInSZ `TiLL sChOoL. tOdAy iS jErSeY dAy.. tHiS KiDz bRiNqiNq Me a CaRmEllO aNtHoNy JeRsEy.. buHh Uh. I dUnNO iF i WaNnA wEaR iT. HeSz NoT dErTy.. i`M jUs WeArIn A cUtE oUtFiT, SoO yeAh. i`m OuTiE..qoTtA qO tO sKoOl. ByE !

-|> x0` hEaThA
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