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Okkk well i got this thing from Nicki...You are supposed to write about 15 friends and then let them guess if its them. So if you think its you, then comment and write which number is you.. hollerr.

1.Yay ! My baby! I love you soo much! We've been friends since 6th grade, even tho I hated you in the 6th grade. You're like my BESTEST friend. I miss you soo much! MM.. THIS FOOD IS GOOD. Aw, ur like my everything. You don't understand how much you mean to me. Don't listen to Hector, and hope u don't turn out like us. Cuz thats a diss. lma0. i love you.

2. We fight ALOT. But I still love you SO much. We've helped each other throughout every little thing in each others lives. Even tho we don't agree on the decisions each other makes, we still support each other thruout everything. Its funny how we fight and just get over it in like 5 minutes. I love you.

3. We just met. But I can already tell that we are going to become really close friends. I don't think we are ever going to fight. We always have fun with eachother, and u are def. going to florida with me on Spring Break. OMG SHUT UP! lol.. i love you soo much, even tho i`ve only known u for soo little time.

4.I've known u for about 5 years. You're soo fucking funny and sweet. Whenever I'm pissed you always make me happy. I love how we tell each other everything, and u call me on collect becuz ur fucking dumb. I miss you soo effing much. I can't wait to visit u sooner or later. I'm happy u actually got into the hispanic flava. lMA0. l0VE Y0Uh !

5.You are always there for me. Thru thick and thin. I don't think we ever fought... yea we did. One time, last year when u wouldn't pick something off of the ground, and i thought i was going to hit you. Everybody thought that We were going to fight. You always take my side of anything, and i love you for that. Even tho u are about to get ur ass beat by BIG MOMMA. lol - I`m soo happy that we are soo close. i <3 u!

6. Wow.. Do you know what I like about the mall? I fucking love youu so much. We fight quite often, but we always forget about it. Not to mention that we both got suspended for that lil pussy shit we had at school. LOL Whoa, I love you so much. Even tho after we fought, I thought I was going to hate you forever. But I thought wrong. I love you so much, and I Just thought you should know that there are alot of spic-er-ricansz lol! Well son... Holla at me in a hot minute, i'm on my way to the orange part of the monopoly game. iLu!

7. Hm. You hold half of my heart in ur palm. I love you still. No matter what, just because I stick by my promises and You know that. We have been thru soo much shit in a little time period. Shit happened between us, that I never thought would happen. But its okay, because we both came out on top. I know that you've moved on physically..but ONLY i know how u still feel mentally. I love you. Don't ever forget all the good times we've had. " I`m So Into You "

8. There's not much I can say to u.. but Uh Pull down ur panties, bend over and look in the mirror! Well, we've had soo much fun together. I earned my nick-name of nicolau instead of nicole with you. I fuckin love you, no matter how small u are, and even tho ur ass is freaking huge, ur still one of my good friends. You can't forget all the times you used to sneak out with me to go see Hector. LIT. i <3 u.

9. I just became close with u, freshman year in drama. We never really hung out. We always talked shit about everyone. Even tho hector thought u were cute, and then tried to start shit with you, i love you! When I come down, we are def. going to chill. Because we are the realist. You put the " igg " in nigger. lMA0 ! i <3 u !

10. Shit. Are we the fuckinq coolest?yea we are ! We love making fun of everyone and their mothers. Plus we are both part of the ODAPF! We fight alot, i think its just because we have no other way to relieve our stress. We both know that _________ is the fakest person in the world. lol.. She'z just sexually confused! lMA0. iLuSfM

11. We tend to fight every week or so. Just because we are soo much alike, our personalities clash. We both love music.. and Uh we both hate each other a little bit, deep down. We both love the same person, with all of our hearts! You are always mean to me, and when i'm even mean a little bit to u, u fucking flip out. Oh well, I still love u and hate u at the same time! Thanks for the cd!! aww.

12. Dang. You're the blackest person i know. And i'mma hook u up with my friend nicki. Cuz she'z so incredibly hot. And i will indeed tell her that you said she is " very pretty ." Its nice to know that ur pube hairs get so sharp, that they could cut diamonds. EW! And you love to know that I am on my period. LMA0. iLu

13. i`M soo happy with the decision you made. And I`m also happy that u don't give a fuck what people think about u. You know when I get back down to florida, we are def. gunna fuck around. lMA0. YOUh Better be sinqle bitch. i <3 you soo much. You're my little latina lover. I miss you, we def. needa chill. xox

14. TAKING BACK SUNDAY RULES RIGHT? Aw, we became soo close.. uh when i fucking left. Stupid cunt wad. You know ur the man, and that u make me happy when we online sing to the same songs. I hope u and ***** last forever becuz u guys are perfect for each other. You know robert'z mine and nobody elses! I love you and miss u! [ forget me, itz that simple! ]

15. aWw. i DiDnT fOrGeT aBoUt YoU. We became friends after I fought Karissa, you told me I won! LOL ! I'm sorry that you and ******** had to end. But We are still close as ever. You're my puerto rican brother. I love you so much. I hope you and hector become friends. S I K E . LOL ! I miss you soo fucking much. We need to chill as soon as i get to florida. Ur welcome for using my bed over Christmas Break!!

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